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Meet Maria
Your Embodyment and Human Potential Guide

Maria was always interested in well-being.  Even at the age of 12, she would already observe and notice the correlation between people’s health, beauty and vitality states with what they ate and how they were as people (their attitudes), and proceeded to observe her own eating patterns and mindsets so she would wield levels of vitality she could enjoy as alertness and enthusiasm in school.  She became an athlete and served as part of her women’s volleyball varsity from grade school all the way to college, enjoying the rewards gained from the discipline of sports and teamwork.

In 1998 she got into meditation and went to India to learn the benefits of vegetarianism, positive thinking and stress-free living, desiring to better understand and manage emotions. In 2002 she fell in love with Sivananda Yoga working for an internationally-awarded wellness spa in an island destination and a year after began facilitating the practice all over Metro Manila. In love with wellness and beauty, she became a signature model for several beauty and wellness brands and has won awards in fitness. She has appeared as a guest in local and cable TV networks regarding the mind, health, beauty and yoga, and in 2006 was a spokesperson for the Nestlé Wellness Tours.  In 2009 she was awarded as Nesvita's 10 Most Beautiful, Inside and Out.

In 2005, Maria met her mentor who trained her in the Science of Mind and metaphysics. It was here when she learned all about her human potential and how she can use Universal Laws at her command.  She got her certification for level three of The Integrated Yoga Wellness Program which integrates ancient and scientific mind-body techniques, principles and disciplines that support vitality, immunity, the brain, nervous system and the body, securing wellbeing and health, now and in the long-term. The program was taken to offices around the country making it easy for people to incorporate health into their itinerary for lasting, lifetime results. Under the aegis of senior instructors, Maria concentrates her abilities in designing and facilitating embodiment and human potential programs that empower people to enjoy and realize their most cherished wellness ideals and human potential today.

Fast-forward to the present, marrying this background to a newfound love and personal studies on Astrology, Energy, Neuroscience, Mind-Body Therapy, Shadow Work and Inner Child Integration, Maria wields it all into a personalized approach to wellness that enables the student to identify and understand his / her unique blueprint and energy signature in life, and how he / she can honor, support, supply, keep it safe and secure for health, wholeness and happiness now and in the long term!

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