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Your Surfing & Rainforest Adventure!

Go on a rainforest trek that breaks at a waterfall where you can lose yourself - to find yourself - release and wash away your cares, and revive your body, mind, and spirit. Just a few minutes away, the sun, sand, and surf awaits - inviting you to play and engage LIFE to its fullest!

Embody Your Human Potential commences its in-person, wellness retreat and getaways across the sun, sand and seascapes of the 7,107 Islands, Philippines, beginning with BALER, AURORA (a surfing town in Luzon), this September 3 to 4, 2022 (Saturday to Sunday), for your,  "Embody Vitality: Baler Surfing & Rainforest Adventure!"

Nature is essential to our well-being because we are natural creatures of life! The further we are from nature and our natural states, the more stress we take on our bodies-hearts-spirits that eventually takes its toll as stress-related ailments or imbalances that can wreak havoc in our health, relationships, success and wealth areas!


To curb this growing concern, we at Embody Your Human Potential have designed these nature-involved wellness retreats to take you on various sun, sand and seascapes of the country to give you an appreciation of nature, your being, and how the two go hand-in-hand in leading a truly healthy, wholesome, complete and happy life and living today!


What You Can Look Forward To: 

  • A Rainforest Trek - trees do not just hold the soil to the earth preventing erosion or bear fruits for us to eat but emit oxygen that is vital to our well-being. Each breath we take powers our cells, so exposure to and enjoyment in a rainforest really allows us this inbreath of vitality we cannot take from buildings or cities!

  • A Waterfalls Bath - waterfalls emit negative ions that are essential to our well-being.  Just as a storm cleans and clears the atmosphere of debris, bathing in a waterfall gives us the opportunity to clear energy pathways and release stale energies or those that are no longer useful for us to create and make space for the new!  It is perfect for people who are going through life transitions or break-ups - to help release negative energy attachments or disconnect emotional chords that no longer serve! Perfect to revive the mind, heart, body and soul!

  • Streams Bathing - the pathway of the rainforest to the waterfalls is lined with streams you can also bathe in, giving the same cleansing effect as the waterfalls.  Go underneath one and take an energetic shower to cleanse your spirit and wash away your cares, making room for the new!

  • Surfing - BALER, AURORA is a surf town, and you will find beginner's surfing guides anywhere to help you experience how it is to ride a wave and let it take you to shore, in ease! It's fun - and a  mind-trip!  If you've ever skated as a kid, you should find this easy!  The essence of the exercise is letting go and enjoying the ride - letting Life take you where it leads in the most fun way! You just need to stand and balance!

  • Cozy Accommodations - we are partnered with some of the friendliest and coziest accommodations so you can enjoy your stay at beach front and fall asleep to the sound of waves, in the arms of nature, safely.

  • Wholesome Food - our accommodations partner  provides wholesome, vegan-friendly food for those on their quest for their happiest wellness experience but also provides meat alternatives for those who are not fasting and want to enjoy and load up on iron, protein and B vitamins from meat, during their stay! On the other hand, participants are free to roam around the town and eat wherever they like, because there is not a shortage of restaurants anywhere - with the kind of fare that titillates both the palate, stomach and soul! You can enjoy at will!

  • Your Wellness Workshop - Maria is excited to take a few moments of your retreat to give you a workshop on detoxification techniques and the daily habits we can honor to help us lead wholesome, balanced and healthy lives today! Make sure you bring your notebooks and pens for notes!

  • Your Yoga Experience - Maria is excited to lead you through a beginner-friendly, reviving yoga practise right at beach front that can help you enjoy and experience the power of your breath, mindful movement and rest, for vitality and well-being! Breath, movement and rest are key to vitality and we will honor it in this simple practise which you can take with you wherever you go

  • Luxury 2-Way Transport - we will be taking luxury bus transport that leaves Manila in the late evening of September 2, 2022 (Friday) and we arrive in BALER, AURORA early morning, September 3, 2022 (Saturday).  We enjoy our RETREAT  whole day Saturday and  leave September 4, 2022 (Sunday) 2PM after lunch.

An  Embody Vitality Wellness Retreat


Your Retreat Schedule & Itinerary:



   September 2, 2022 (Friday) - LATE EVENING - MANILA

  • Meet at the Bus Station MANILA

  • Depart for BALER, AURORA - 6 to 8 hour bus ride

  • Luxury Bus Transport has lazy boy reclining seats, blankets, snacks and drinks, and a comfort room, and won't be making any stops on the way / will go to BALER, AURORA straight from MANILA


   September 3, 2022 (Saturday) - EARLY MORNING - BALER, AURORA

  • Arrive at the Bus Station BALER, AURORA

  • Proceed to check  in at our Partner Resort

  • Welcome Drinks 

  • Proceed to the Rainforest Trek and Waterfalls Adventure 

  • Breakfast

  • Rest / Free Time

  • Wellness Workshop

  • Lunch 

  • Rest / Free Time

  • Surfing 101

  • Rest / Free Time

  • Dinner 

  • Rest / Free Time


   September 4, 2022 (Sunday) - BALER, AURORA

  • Early Morning Yoga By The Beach

  • Breakfast

  • Rest / Free Time

  • Surfing / Free Time

  • Lunch

  • Checkout by 2PM

  • Proceed to the Bus Station BALER, AURORA

  • Depart for MANILA



      Important Safety Notice:

      The retreat is open to people of all ages with the provision that the participants have duly consulted and gotten

      approval from their physicians as fit to go and join,  " "Embody Vitality: Baler Surfing & Rainforest

      Adventure!" wellness retreat rainforest trek, waterfalls bathing, and yoga experience. Waivers will be distributed

      and signed prior to the retreat.  Embody Your Human Potential and its retreat facilitators will NOT be held liable

      for any untoward occurrence that participants may encounter at any point during or after the retreat.

Items You Can Prepare For Your Trip

  • All-conditions Gear, Water-Proof, Trekking / Training / Aqua / Mountain Shoes - you can wear for the rainforest trek, waterfalls and streams bathing - because slippers might come off and be slippery and you might hurt yourself if your footwear is not durable and adaptable to the rugged and slippery terrain - so make sure you have this with you during your trip for safety and your most comfortable experience!

  • Swimwear - you can wear for the rainforest trek, waterfalls and streams bathing, and also surfing and beach experience.  The rainforest is a wet trek, so wearing swimwear underneath your clothing will help so you don't need to worry about wearing it by the time you reach the waterfalls.

  • Towels and Change of Clothing - you can use to dry yourself after the rainforest trek, waterfalls and streams bathing, as well as the surfing experience.  Bring more than 1 in case 1 is already wet!

  • Waterproof Bag - you will need a waterproof or plastic bag so you can carry all your towels and change of clothing during your trek and bathing experiences!

  • Jacket, Windbreakers and Warm Clothing (shirts, socks, jogging pants, yoga pants, etc.) - these will be essential for your whole trip because the transport to and from the location will be cold and you will need to keep warm after all the trek, bathing and surfing experience!

  • Comfortable Travel Outfit and Footwear - we will be experiencing nature so you will need to wear comfortable clothes, shoes and slippers (after the trek) and have travel-friendly bags - no heels, posh outfits or leather city bags that might get destroyed at any point during your retreat - Embody Your Human Potential will not be responsible for any lost or destroyed items during or after the retreat

  • Yoga Outfit - we will be having yoga by the beach so it would be good to have your favorite and comfy yoga outfit  with you for your trip - and by this we mean any outfit that moves well with you and does not constrict your bloodflow when you move!

  • Notebook and Pen - we will be having our wellness workshop so have your pen and notebook ready for your notes!




     Important Safety Notice:

     September is when BALER, AURORA has gentle waves, ideal for beginners.  The beach has no coral and is soft sand, so

     there is no fear of being hurt due to coral encounters or anemones.  There are life guards on standby at the beach and

     surfing coaches are everywhere, so the experience of participants will be guided and supported by safety protocols. This

     does not mean, however, that participants will not exercise their own caution or care during their beach experience.  

     Embody Your Human Potential and its retreat facilitators will NOT be held liable for any untoward occurrence that

     participants may encounter at any point during or after the retreat.



Your Energy Exchange: 


    = Php 4,500.00 - LOCAL FILIPINOS RATE per-person, per-night

    = USD 150.00 - FOREIGN TOURISTS / EXPATS RATE per-person, per-night

    Inclusive of:

  • Your Rainforest Trek 

  • Your Waterfalls Bath

  • Your Streams Bathing 

  • Your Surfing Coaching 

  • Your Cozy Accommodations 

  • Your Wholesome Food 

  • Your Wellness Workshop 

  • Your Yoga Experience 

  • Your Luxury 2-Way Transport 

    Important Safety Notice:

    These arrangements cover the dates of, "Embody Vitality: Baler Surfing & Rainforest Adventure!" set for

    September 3 to 4, 2022 (Saturday to Sunday) in BALER AURORA - which is on a per-night basis.  Should participants 

    choose to extend their stay in BALER, AURORA, they may do so of their own accord, and coordinate their own extension

    and  arrangements with their partner resorts, independently.  Embody Your Human Potential and its retreat facilitators will

   NOT be held liable for any untoward occurrence that participants may encounter at any point during or after the retreat.



To Book & Reserve Your Slots:


See you there!

In Light & Love

In Joy & Bounty

In Beauty & Grace

In Peace & Harmony



**In case you miss our September 3 to 4, 2022 retreat and would still like to experience "Embody Vitality: Baler Surfing & Rainforest Adventure!" at your own, convenient schedule, or interested to join the next one, you are welcome to coordinate your interests and bookings with us!  We look forward to serving you! 

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