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Your Lavish Highlands Getaway

“I promise you… If you look for everything beautiful in the world, you will eventually become it.” — Tyler Kent White

With all that’s going on in the world, have you felt down on your self? With low energy or vitality and losing hope with life or maybe even your own being?

Let me take you on a retreat and getaway to the loving arms of nature to explore and re-discover The Nature of Life and Your Own Being ALIVE (all-Life): aligned with ALL LIFE, today!

Nature only thrives and blooms in harmony, perfect expression, power, bounty and beauty, and as a being of Life, one with this AWESOME LIFE, ALIVE (all-Life), you possess and are heir to all these wonderful qualities!

Align with Life Wellness Retreat is a 3days-2nights sojourn where you will re-discover the drives of Life and the nature of your own being, at one with it.

We will do soul works that will unpack your honest-to-goodness, authentic, and heart-felt desires around these natural aspects of being so you may hold hands with the co-creative powers of your own nature and live your life in resonance with this purity and harmony!

We will Vitalize thru yoga exercise that unites the breath with intentional and mindful movements that introduce you to and ignite your body, heart, mind and soul resonance, helping you appreciate this awesome dynamic of your life!

And we will do it all in a place that supports your unfolding in the best and most wonderful way, guided by me!

An   Align With Life  Wellness Retreat


Align with Life Wellness Retreat is an in-person, wellness weekend getaway in the highlands of Luzon, Philippines, which includes:

  • A 2-day wellness workshop that introduces you to the drives of Life aligned with your true nature, and how this ignites you to a life of health, wholeness and harmony and embodying your human potential, today

  • Guided mind & body wellness exercise that introduces you to the dynamic nature of your being and how increased coordination and activation opens you to the very dynamic of Life, aligned

  • Guided reflection & soul works, to honor your own, personal alignment and ignition

  • Moments with nature in the highlands in silence, by the pool, swimming, massage on-call, and wholesome food fresh off the market, for your wholesome, heart-felt integration

Align with Life Wellness Retreat accommodates an intimate group of 16pax only on first-come, first-served basisFor interested parties and groups, send me a message for your retreat particulars, dates and rates. 

For those interested in taking my online workshop counterpart, click on ALIGN, and send me a message to discuss your interests and goals. It would be my pleasure to assist you in embodying your human potential through a guided, 5-session, mind and body program, today. 

In Light & Love

In Joy & Bounty

In Beauty & Grace

In Peace & Harmony


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