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Health, wholeness and happiness has become a precious commodity today in light of the recent global concerns and unrest. The more unrest there seems on the outside, the more each and every human is drawn to look within for the answers to his / her being.  

It is my hope that this program helps shed light on your innermost and profound questions about the nature of your human being: why you are here, who you are, and what steps you can take to express, enjoy and embody your authentic and wonderful essence today!

My name is Maria and I am excited to meet you at this confluence of the ages as your very own, personal Embodyment and Human Potential Guide!  

Embody Your Human Potential is born of 15 to 19 years of my own life and love of study, training, personal practice and teaching of wellness, well-being, mind and body science, and the mystical magic of life, certified under the Integrated Yoga Wellness Program that marries yoga with the Science of Mind and metaphysics, so you can embody your human potential today.  I am honored to pass it on to you, as it has been passed on to me – a distillation of thinking and being about Life, for your support.  Its aim is only one thing: to assist in introducing and activating you to your human potential for your health, wholeness and happiness today!  

There are many aspects here which you should find useful from the ground up and at any point may activate and benefit you, creating a positive spiral that can only encourage and motivate you now and throughout your life! It is non-partisan and non-denominational, so anyone, anywhere can take it, and find it supports your wellness aims, as desired! It can be taken separately as individual modules, for those focusing only on an aspect of life they want to cultivate, or all together, as one, cohesive program, for a powerful Life practise! 

Everything is related and as you benefit one aspect of life, the rest are positively inspired and affected. Life is indeed multi-faceted, and health, wholeness and happiness become our reality (not just a fantasy!) as we consider and tend to these aspects of our being with careful consideration, attention and love. This is what this 12-step program encourages.

Please note that as a complementary and preventive wellness approach this program is not intended to replace nor bypass any important medical concerns or considerations you may have and so is best taken with the support and medical clearance of your family physician, for your own safety and optimum results.

It is a guided, complementary practice that helps empower your already existing wellness practices, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, so that, even if you are a beginner, you feel and enjoy the amazing shifts as you move and breathe with commitment and enthusiasm on your journey! 

WE ARE LIFE – and as we engage our being with zest, it becomes embodied in our lives as our health, wholeness and happiness today.

This is your story!  

Let’s begin!


Citrus Fruits

Embody Your Human Potential

Welcome to your grounded, mind and body, 12-step program! 

Phase 1: VITALIZE - Your Embodyment Practise 

Phase 2: DETOXIFY - Your Physical & Metaphysical Cleanse Regimen

Phase 3: ALIGN - Health, Wholeness & Happiness: The Drive of Life & Embodying Your Human Potential

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