Attune & Restore:

A Reviving Yoga Session

We are so divinely designed as human beings, and this yoga practise helps us experience and enjoy our divine, human design!


Breathing activates our cells - and since we are made up of cells all throughout, breathing brings us to life - plain and simple!  Whether we are breathing hard or relaxed and intentional, breathing affects our mind. Breathing connects us with our mind. 


In this session, we will explore the magic of our breath, as it helps us manage and navigate our thinking and feeling - to increase our awareness - so we move away from reactivity, inspiring calm and ease. Synchronized with slow, mindful, and intentional movements (which we can call, "postures,"), the harmonious flow and unity of this practise relaxes our nervous system and grounds us, so we feel safe and secure here on earth, embodied.

It's so important to move.  

As humans, we are not just to think or feel - we have our body that actually helps us experience, express and enjoy  what we perceive - through our senses. When we engage our senses, it calms us, and helps us remember our humanity - assuring us that things are, "normal," (operating according to original, intended design), and we are safe.

When we are not operating according to our natural design, i.e. when we are staying too much in our head or heart, we feel either anxious or depressed. Our body signals to us that we need to get back to our natural, operating procedure - to move and enjoy our being, and as we do so, the extreme states calm and we feel safe.


This session is designed for you to get out of your head and balance your feeling states so you get back at one with your life and being, in grounded and calm, enjoyment and ease. 

We close the session with a relaxation meditation that honors and celebrates this divine design of our being, and we do so we bless each and every part of our being, from our head down to our toes.  You come out of the session revived and refreshed, balanced, and able to take on your wonderful world again!

Please honor your body with this practice and only move in ways that feel safe for your body and range of motion. When participating in yoga and stretching, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you or your child engage in this yoga and stretching, you agree that you and your child do so at your own risk. You agree to release and discharge Embody Your Human Potential and the video instructor, Maria, from any and all claims of causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of this yoga practice shared as free gift.

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If you enjoyed this session and want to go deeper and embark on your own journey towards health, wholeness and happiness through a guided, mind and body yoga-wellness practise, check out VITALIZE.  It would be my pleasure to be your embodiment guide!