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Addendum to the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule:

"Only do unto others what you would want them to do unto you."

Addendum to the Golden Rule:

“Only do unto yourself what you would want others to do unto you.” — Maria Zeta

We know well enough our capacity to please others & the lengths we can go through for the things & people we care about or love... And that is well & good. But taken to an extreme can become toxic & debilitating as we burn out or exhaust ourselves - rendering ourselves unable to enjoy our process, becoming resentful or passive aggressive as we don't feel supported as equally as we support - waiting for other people to give us the same as we give.

We end up complaining about the system or the government, our neighbors, our parents, our elders, teachers, friends, family, siblings, bosses, leaders, planet, God, Life, the Universe, the cosmos, the world, etc. - what they aren't doing for us or what we wish they would do for us… Feeling like we aren't appreciated, seen or heard; valued, treasured or cherished as we need & give...

"Life is unfair," & we end up, "hating," something we've always loved, wishing it would love us or give to us back...

But for a moment, perhaps, we can take a pause & ask ourselves...

When was the last time we did or gave to ourselves those things, experiences, enjoyments, delights & gifts we would so easily give others... hoping they would give it to us in return?

When was the last time we gave to ourselves full attention, delight & reciprocation of our hopes, ideals & dreams acted on & realized today?

What if... instead of waiting for someone else to give us flowers... we went to our favorite garden & cut ourselves our own dozen to sniff, instead...? or have some dahlias delivered for us at our doorstep, to show ourselves our own appreciation & love?

What if... instead of waiting for someone to acknowledge & reward us for all our efforts, we showed ourselves the same love, attention, affection, affirmation, & reward we wish others would give us, too?

What if we don't need to hold our breath or wait for tomorrow? What if the reward & reciprocation we dreamed has all ways been here TODAY through our own agency & presence?

What if... we are good enough for our own self-support & self-love?


We say we want wonderful, supportive relationships - romantic, business, family...?

When was the last time we allowed ourselves downtime, cuddle time with our special someone? Say hello to someone we’re attracted to? Get to know them, authentically? Compliment, spend time with them, help them out, offer help, & give thanks to the people we love & care for?

We say we want a happy family life?

When was the last time we allowed ourselves to take time & enjoy simple, silly & fun, non-linear, non-performance moments with the people we care for & love - with those who love us, too - no matter what, & have been there for us unconditionally - happy to support us how they can because we are worthy? How have we given to them the value they've given to us - joyfully, in ease, abundance & grace, like we could afford it as the richest person on earth?


We say we want abject success & fulfillment?

When was the last time we took our artistic & creative interests, passions, interests & skills seriously - so much so that we took up a course, expressed our interest, shared our ideas or skills, pursued a track that involved our very soul & heart, & acted upon our goals so they could break ground & be expressed here on earth & in this life as all together our occupation, hobby, project, advocacy or life's work?

When was the last time we realized our life is our masterpiece & work of art - & we have the canvas, colors, & paintbrushes we get to use each day to make something of it - to our exact liking & heart's joyful content?

When was the last time we congratulated ourselves & pat ourselves on the back being the unique person we are, different from the rest - & expressing ourselves as we are, inspite of fear, guilt or shame?

When was the last time we allowed ourselves to desire, hope or dream inspite of shame or petrifying judgment?


We say we want a healthy, whole & happy life...?

When was the last time we checked our diet & sleep patterns, activities & relationships - to reflect this exact vim, vigor &vitality we wished?

When was the last time we thanked our bodies & even our being - for being this unique awesome self that braves each day with a smile!!!


We say we want to feel rich & we want to be rich...?

When was the last time we counted our blessings & all we have instead of complain or whine about who we are not or what we don't have?

If we do count them we would not be able to hold all of them in our arms or hands! There would not be room enough for all!

We are so very rich, so very loved, so very talented - & we have all the opportunities & desires we wish - here & now!

If we want to take steps for a better world, it is us that will begin this trend by tending to, loving, appreciating & being grateful for our own world & plot of land here on earth!

We get to tend to & love ourselves & what we have in a way that it can only bloom, thrive & grow - seeds we plant each day that we can harvest of our own intents & industry!

Or we can wait...

And wait...

And wait...

And hold our breath...

The space we want others to give us is the same space we get to give & take for ourselves.

The desires we wish from others is the very desire we get to til the ground for so we may plant it & secure the best conditions so they may take place here on earth as our own reality (re-ALL-i-Ty = my process of becoming whole again) today.

LIFE IS NOT APART FROM US - something we chase & hope for... outside of us, ever distant or fleeting… avoidant or frustrating…

LIFE IS US - expressing, experiencing, exploring & enjoying ITSELF AS OURSELF - HERE & NOW - ALL WAYS, ALWAYS!!!

We are what & who we’ve hoped for!

The power & capacity we’ve dreamed has all ways always been in our hands!

We are born worthy of all the love, acceptance, time & attention we wish the world gave & we so easily give others!

That we are the heroes we've dreamed - & we can set ourselves free to be… WE!!



Maria Zeta

Embody Your Human Potential

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