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The Neuroscience of Joy & Vitality - A Workshop for the Workforce

I was so excited to facilitate my first, in-person, Wellness Workshop for the Workforce in 2 years since the lockdowns! Kittelson & Carpo Consulting - now InCorp - a company I used to facilitate yoga sessions for, got in touch with me to coordinate arrangements for the workshop which they wanted to take for their wellness day for the benefit of employees, end of the year.

It was great to see everyone again, after all this time! A lot of offices had to close during the pandemic, so I was proud to see them alive and kicking as an office, and even more so as dedicated individuals I admire - committed to their work and families, in spite of global unrest!

My heart felt full and happy seeing them again and feeling them in person versus seeing their stories on social media! There really is a difference, and my oxytocin levels shot up and I felt so happy - like I was energetically hugging them - and so did they!

Wellness is my passion, and even more so when I share this passion to others it makes me feel wonderful - like it's my purpose for being here! Especially when the participants engage the material and make comments and share their personal stories, reflections and insights during the workshop, I truly enjoy it because the workshop becomes less like a lonely, one-man lecture than it is an engaged and alive dialogue with the participants seeing themselves reflected in the material - and it is about them! I love that part the most!

Our wellness workshop was all about, "The Neuroscience of Joy & Vitality!"

Our bodies are so wonderfully designed to protect and support us (for survival and joy!), and when we understand her love language, especially the language of our nervous system, we can easily honor those things that help us feel at home in our lives and tune out others that lead us astray so that we feel more grounded, found, held, loved and supported in our life - than lost!

These are also most natural to our being - meaning we don't need to wait for the government or the globe to get all perfect and in order, before we can apply these principles in our lives and begin the process of activating our own being on our road to joy and vitality today! It simply takes an understanding of how our BEING HUMAN is designed, and honoring it through mindful and excited practice, and off we go in enjoying joy and vitality as natural states!

There were some exercises done within the workshop along with the lectures, so that the participants enjoyed themselves as they learned. Especially with the onset of the pandemic and some global unrest, it felt good to see their eyes light up as we engaged the workshop, and they learned the very practical ways they can boost their immunity and avert and curb ailments and dis-ease and even delay aging!

They were already planning their SUNRISER CLUB where they get to do their early morning walks and take the benefit of the sun with their loved ones and pets and plot the time they take breakfast, so they inculcate the habits encouraged to enjoy vitality now and long-term!

One of them even approached me to thank me for the workshop because he said these are the things he wanted to learn, and he wants to create his own MENTAL HEALTH group to assist people in helping curb incidences of suicide!

Just seeing how the material is already moving them to create positive changes affirmed me and made me so happy to see how it was making a difference in their lives already! It felt good to share the things I learned and practice in my own life to support them on their own road towards supported and enjoyable quality of living!

Because, like anything, PRACTISE MAKES HAPPY!

As we practice and embody the principles, we know we feel it as REALITY, and we get to LIVE it than just KNOW it! As G.I. Joe says - "Knowing is half the battle!" And we've got to Do to BE and DO to BE so we can sing DO-BE-DO-BE-DO!

We are EMBODIED BEINGS - which means we can't just know and enjoy what we know... It is when we APPLY and ENACT, EXPRESS, EXPERIENCE what we know does it become ACT-U-ALL (ACTUAL) and RE-ALL (real)!

Practice makes happy!

Everything worth enjoying takes at least 30 to 90 days done daily so it becomes part of who we are, ingrained in our cells as memory and part of our being - so consciously choosing those thoughts, feelings, words and deeds that help us live well is key so it becomes our AUTHENTIC REALITY (re-ALL-i-ty) - not just desire or fantasy - now and all ways!

It is a way of seeing and being so each moment, we are excited to get out of bed and lead! Which is sometimes easier said than done but that's the exciting part! We choose it as it inspires us!


**Filipino for, "To Life!"

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Should you wish to schedule and book your own Wellness Workshop on, "The Neuroscience of Joy & Vitality," - IN-PERSON or ONLINE - for your group or for your own interests - you may send us an email via or to coordinate!

IN-PERSON WORKSHOP: Let us know your preferred date and time, as well as location or venue (your group is gathering in), so we can block off your event and prepare for your activity!

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Let us know your preferred date and time, so we can block off your event and prepare for your activity!

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Should you wish to schedule and book your own Out-of-Town Wellness Retreat on, "The Neuroscience of Joy & Vitality," - IN-PERSON - for your group - we have resort partners in BATANGAS and BALER we can tap for your interests!

You may send us an email via or so we may coordinate your interests and logistical requirements!

We look forward to serving you!



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