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As You Wish

WHAT IF... My crush crushed on me back, and he likes me as much as I adore him?

WHAT IF... I said, "Hi!" and made a move, and risked rejection or being unmatched or thought silly, and it encourages him to express himself more boldly to me, too?

WHAT IF... He wants what I want - and it takes me opening up to him and expressing myself more vulnerably and openly for him to know and have the courage to do the same?

WHAT IF... The article I wanted to write or the video blog I wanted to make contained gems that could uplift a reader in need of my wisdom... And it takes being excited to write and taking the time to make the video blog to help change someone's life for the better? And all I needed to do was fight sleep for a few minutes?

WHAT IF... We don't need for the world to be better before we start taking random acts of kindness and expressing to the people we care about how we feel and care about them and it completely brightens their day and the world is less bleak because of that ray of sunshine we cast?

WHAT IF... We didn't need to wait before we were completely sexy before we start working out and doing things or wearing clothes that make us feel sexy?? How wonderful would that feel and be? And how happy would that make everyone else looking at you being your sexy glorious self - the world would be less ugly!

WHAT IF... We didn't need to wait for a party or to invited to one to wear our best clothes or put on makeup - because we are worth our own best efforts and to look good for ourselves, too?? And start a party of our own!

WHAT IF... We didn't need to wait before someone sends us flowers, before we pick out the best ones from our garden and put them all in our room to show appreciation for our own selves?? OR what if we send them to someone we care about so they know they are cared for and loved each day??

WHAT IF... We didn't need to wait for someone to tell us how madly in love with us they are - and we start saying this to people we are madly in love with?!

WHAT IF... We didn't need to wait for the world to be perfect, spotless, faultless, or golden - before we behaved like gold and gave our best for the kind of lives we want to lead and be the people we want to be?

WHAT IF... we could do all this now?

We think we have forever and that we can afford to dally, complain, point fingers, give whiney excuses - and even convince ourselves and others why it can't be done or why it can't or won't happen - but all we really have is NOW.

We have our hands, feet, spine, mind and voice for a reason - to move, to do, to express, embody, and say what we need and want to say, and do what we need to do to get us closer to the kind of person we want to be, and enjoy the kind of lives we want to lead, in the kind of world we want to live in.

We think Life or the world is separate from us, mere spectators in this game we are watching - but we are the main players - and this is not just life or a world separate from us - it is OUR LIFE AND OUR WORLD we are living in where we are the main characters we play NOW.

We have the right, all the permission we need - we have a say, the power and influence how things go.

We are the ones making the commands from our throne, what stays and what goes, and we can make a difference - all the difference - today.

All we have are these moments - don't let them pass you by without making your mark, saying your peace or staking your claim. NOW is all you have and once it passes it does not come back. How are you using these moments? How are you living life - YOUR LIFE - today?

We are often waiting for the shoe to drop or for heaven to open its pearly gates with angels blaring trumpets giving us our lives in perfect order with everything we have ever wanted - but then is that actually our life and the kind of life we want to live - with us not doing anything, participating or taking part or being responsible for anything?

Can we truly say it is OURS if we just expect it to be handed down perfectly fashioned without our participation or action?

Easy come, easy go, it is said. We value what we invest in and make time for, and all we have is time - but how are we really using it? What are we waiting for?

The Second Coming? Our Savior?

The world in perfect order?

Someone to tell you, "Now is your cue!"

But isn't it your life? And if so, then you are in charge? Not anyone else?

How about you? What is your accountability to your desires and goals and dreams? How are you using your talents, passions, interests and skills now to make them all happen, to make that contribution to your own life and the life you want to see more of in the world to be?

How are you using time so you can see more of your desires unfold and happen as each moment passes? More triumphs over regrets?

How are you using the power of your voice to make your desires and truths known - to the world, and the people you care about and love?

Are you a passive spectator or the main character?

We are always at choice point and not choosing is a choice by default to allow fate to step in and do things for us - and that is not at all wrong, too.

BUT WHAT IF... you did have a say and a choice as to how things go...

AND WHAT IF... the power was always yours to wield and determine and sway…

AND... it is in your hands now...?

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