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You Are Writing History Now

Life is passing us by. What will we do with it? What are we doing with it? We have this idea that, “when this happens,” I will… or, “They weren’t this way,” so I won’t…

I had this weird awakening experience of finding out my lineage & descent at a point when I was crestfallen about a project we were doing for tourism & culture. Finding out I was related to the heroes I only read about in history books made me realize history does not end in school when we finally make the grade.


Through our very being… How we are, how we think, how we feel, the words we use & say, what we do, what we are doing… all create ripples that affect not just ourselves but everyone across time & space.

We are historical beings because we live in time & space now. We are writing our story NOW - every moment - through how we treat ourselves, our loved ones, our goals, & each other. LIFE!

How will history end? How will our story be written?

Look at yourself in the mirror. There is your answer.

What would you change when you find out how powerful you are? When you find out & realize you aren’t meant to sit on the sidelines watching history unfold through the hands of others. Or live as if things had nothing to do with you…?

It is you, my dear. History is about you. It is the story you spin - day in and day out. How are you spinning it? How will you spin…?

It is you.

The power you seek is in no one else’s hands but yours. The change in the society you dream is in no one else’s hands but yours - the dreamer.

How are you going to behave different? How are you going to be different then?

Today is the day. Today is your day.

To shape Life in the direction you choose.

To be the person you wish your elders, your leaders, your parents, your friends or siblings were.

To go in the direction you wish your ancestors or parents, elders or leaders took you.

You are the hero you seek.

The Power is yours.

The Beauty, The Love, The Abundance, The Glory, The Joy you wish is with you to express & embody.

Are you writing it as everything else you’ve read or heard about…? Or are you going to lead a different charge & chapter - for yourself, the people you love… and all mankind?

Rise & shine, sweetest, dearest soul!!!



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