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The Law of Matter

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Isn’t it interesting how the word, "matter," in Science, means, “that which takes up space, has weight, & can only occupy one space at a time?” And if you think about what is truly important in Life, we describe it as, "what matters" - that which takes up space in our lives (and we are happy to give it that space!), that, once it is occupied, nothing else can take up that space, and has the most weight or value in your life!

It could be another word for value. What is most valuable and important to you.

Not everything can fit one space all at once in the same way not everything can be of value to you in the same intensity and degree at any given moment. The reason why something is of value is that it bears more weight or significance to you more than others. The Law of Matter stipulates only one thing can take up one space at one time. When you give that space to that which matters to you, you let go of everything else - or, at least, they assume a secondary or tertiary position in your life, at that one point.

Values in life adhere to an order of ascension or descension. Not everything is equal, because there is only one space for each one at any given point. What matters, what truly matters, can only take up one space, our prime space, in our life, at certain points in our lives. And we get to choose what that is.

In economics this is what is called, “opportunity cost.” When you choose one, you let go of another, because you cannot give equal attention, time, energy, commitment, to both or all. Ultimately, this value defines our life. Our state of being. Our joy.

“God spews the fence-sitters,” means you cannot go against the law of your own nature. You choose one at the expense of another, and this choice you choose because it makes you happy. Even if everything makes you happy, your attention cannot be focused on all at once - the word, “once,” means, “one time,” - not all the time; it presupposes that we can only pay attention to something at any given point around which our energies revolve and support. Which is why each moment is a choice for something we value. Unless we want to give away that moment to swine.

In the same way, we cannot be everything to everyone - only ourselves to ourselves and others. Because we are also bound to the law of matter, our own being. We can only be ourselves, having those values that define and direct our lives for some things and not others, and this is beautiful because this is the law of life. The greatest privilege of being alive in this life is we get to be who we are occupying our own space and time with our weight, declaring our values and enjoying them at every point we can.

As we honor this law of our being, we experience ease and benevolence, and whenever we try to bypass or ignore this law, we experience discomfort or un-ease, as signals of the need to go back to our original nature.

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