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What is Worth It?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

There is always opportunity cost in life. Opportunity cost is a term used in Economics to describe how choosing one thing will always come at the cost of something else. When you choose black, you don't choose white. When you turn left, you don't turn right. When you go up, you don't go down - at least, not at the same time.

It is similar to the law of matter that says only one thing can be or fit in one space at any given in time. Where the apple sits, a pear cannot be, because it is governed by the law of matter that says only one thing can be in one place at one time.

And this is well and good, otherwise everything would be in chaos! Imagine being in China to find out you're in Australia! That would be quite confusing and discombobulating, indeed! You can't even make plans around that conundrum!

Universal laws are wonderful because they define and bring order to our lives. Without them, left would be right and black would be your shoe! Natural Intelligence holds things in its proper place for our appreciation and enjoyment and because of them there is order and harmony in life. There is a level of predictability we can count on around which we can chart our path and decide where to go and enjoy where we go from there! This is the gift of Chronos!

When Alice was in Wonderland she asked the Cheshire Cat where she should go and the Cheshire Cat replied, "wherever you want to end up!"

Our lives require us to think ahead towards our ideals and values and the kind of lives we want to have or the kind of person we want to be because it is towards these visions that make get us get out of bed each day so they may be realized and fulfilled - through us, by us, as us. They shape and define who we are and who we will be. Our reasons move us forward, give meaning to our energy as we make them happen and shape our existence with them.

Without our values or reasons, we would not know which one to choose and which way would be right - or left! Our values and reasons define our lives, and help us determine which is worth the cost of our choice - because it makes us happy.

And ultimately, it is that - happiness, which makes us move forward in life - and it is different for each one, each moment. To someone, it would be going on a date with her crush. To another, it would be going on a quick coffee break after a long morning of work. To someone else, it would be going home to family and having a nice cooked meal. It is different for each one to the degree each step brings them closer to happiness.

Happiness leads us forward, helps us navigate life's chaos and gives us clarity in times of turbulence. It gives our lives meaning and shapes our lives for their fulfillment and realization, so our time has value and each step we take is satisfying and we know why we are here.

Happiness compels us to choose between right or left, up or down, black or white. Its emissary and embodiment.

Although this always applies, the times call for it, too.

Mercury is with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn is all about structures and laws, limits and rules so that we define things and from these definitions we have order. Saturn is also the lord of karma or the law of cause and effect and how each step we take leads us somewhere. Saturn's influence lasts 19 years so it encourages us to be aware and mindful of our steps because they are lasting, not just momentary.

Aquarius is all about the humanitarian and social progress. It is governed by Uranus, the revolutionary, encouraging the times to initiate systems that support the collective sustainably, not just now but in the long-term.

Mercury is all about the mind, our intellect, communication and technology.

Mercury with Saturn in Aquarius is encouraging all of us now to define what foundations are worth building our new world on, our new selves and lives on - because their influence lasts our lifetime. What values or virtues do we want to enjoy and live by? What kind of person do we want to be? What kind of lives do we want to lead? Because we reap the fruits of our decisions, and every step we take gets us there!

What is worth the cost?

Everything that brings us, our loved ones and the world health, wholeness, and happiness, of course! Life itself is the greatest value and where we support, protect, supply, secure and keep it safe, we are blessed! As we love and support our lives and our values, we enjoy them! As we live in alignment with what we value - thinking, feeling, speaking and acting on their behalf, we bring our heaven down to earth so that our fantasies don't just stay as fantasies but become our actual reality!

We can take responsibility and choose well!

Life doesn’t just happen to us - it is US - expressing and defining ourselves every moment! Each step is ours to take - towards our health, wholeness and happiness, in ease and grace, in peace and harmony, in beauty and grace, in wealth and prosperity, ever more!


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If you are wanting to anchor more of your authentic values so you feel more grounded and fully realized in your life, I recommend ALIGN - my 5-session program that orients you to your various needs as a human being so you may identify your very own ideals around which you may ground and direct your days so you may feel more authentically engaged and excited with life, alive! In this program you do soul works that help you identify your authentic human needs across various areas of being, and the natural laws at your command that activates as you engage your heart-felt desires and ideals!

It is part of my comprehensive, mind and body, 12-session program called EMBODY YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL which encompasses mind and body empowerment, so that, alongside honoring and identifying your highest values, you may use both powers to help you realize and embody your human potential today and lead a life of health, wholeness and happiness!

Send me a message for your interests! It's my pleasure to support you!

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