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As Within, So Without

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

As you do your, “inner,” work, i.e. clean eating, supportive habits aligned with your goals, better mindsets, etc. don’t forget to include your, “outer,” clearing, too. By this we mean - clean up your home space! Clean your room! Dust and disinfect all the nooks and crannies - the bottom, headboard, mattress, pillows, legs of the bed - leave no area out! So much so that if a spaghetti noodle falls on the floor (as my guru would say), you can pick it up and confidently eat it! Dispose of stuff you no longer need or give them away to charity or send them to the recycling facility!

There is only usefulness in the Universe - stagnant waters breed dis-ease - so as we allow the flow to go, we open to vitality, well-being and Life as it’s wonderful, delighted channel!

God is a God of order! The Universe is a Universe of order! And as we clean both within & without, the channels are aligned for perfect experience and enjoyment of our being (as well-being!), and we literally, “unblock!” We also activate the law of resonance and use it for our benefit! As within, so without! Outer world reflects inner world, and vice versa. Words and acts reflect thoughts intended, thoughts intended reflected through our words and deeds! The positive dance and upward spiral of life!

If you are not feeling so good, check if you’ve been eating right because what we consume or absorb or take in affects our constitution - physical, emotional and mental. And by, “eating,” we mean both physical food and mental food!

Or if you’ve been eating well but have still been feeling a pinch, check if you’ve been moving right and allowing energy to flow through you through movement! Act on those ideals you’re inspired by! Embody them in your affairs! Exercise! Move that body!

Or, how about expressing your thoughts and feelings to people you love? Sometimes movements happens through heartfelt expressions of our authentic and innermost sentiments and feelings - even if it exposes you and might not be pleasing - expressing can truly, “lighten,” the, “load,” and allows things to flow again, untrammeled! You’re wonderful! And worth your expression!

Or… clean! You’ll be surprised what happens when you do! It really does create, “space,” - physical, psychic, energetic, spiritual - for the good to flow in!

As within, so without.

Perfect assimilation, circulation and elimination are the natural, happy drives and processes of life we see in our bodies that leads to perfect vitality! As we properly eliminate what no longer serves us (proper elimination), we clear the way to receive (proper assimilation) what our being enjoys by birthright! Strength, Power, Joy, Happiness, Vitality! We open the way to assimilate what we need and circulate it in our being so our cells are nourished and fully receive its awesomeness and we truly experience the joy and fullness of living as a multi-dimensional being that not only thinks or hopes or pines for wellness and well-being but actually enjoys and lives it!

Clean well!

In Light and Love

In Peace and Harmony In Beauty and Grace In Wealth and Prosperity

And so it is!

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If you want to explore ways to release what no longer serves you, physically and metaphysically, I recommend DETOXIFY - my 3-session program that helps you explore various techniques and modalities that help release toxic build-up within and without so you may vitalize yourself, releasing the old and welcoming your new, assisting you towards your health, wholeness and happiness today! Perfect for spring cleaning!

It is part of my comprehensive, mind and body, 12-session program called EMBODY YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL which encompasses mind and body empowerment, so that, alongside honoring and identifying your highest values, you may use both powers to help you realize and embody your human potential today and lead a life of health, wholeness and happiness!

Send me a message for your interests! It's my pleasure to support you!

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