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Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Our bodies tell us more about ourselves than our lovers ever will. Our lovers are mirrors to our own opening to Life itself. Our bodies are intelligent. It knows what it needs. It keeps us safe and supported. It is Life’s yearning to experience Itself, to enjoy and express Itself - though us - AS US. We are Life expressing and experiencing Itself. Our feelings and desires have value for they are Life’s way of courting, dancing, seducing, and making love to our spirit - for It is beautiful. It keeps us engaged, curious, animated - for engagement, as all movement, is Life.

Don’t shut it out.

It is wonderful. It is beyond constructs and constructs are merely established to describe and understand it - to put words and ideas around our feelings and experience - but never to contain or restrict it.

Life flows, expresses, all ways - just as each part of us always expands, explores and yearns for ever more of Itself through engagements and relationships - vibrant, excited, ecstatic, alive (All-Life!).

It is beautiful. Just like you. And just like Life, you have a right to be here - just as wonderfully and completely - in all your needs, desires, and demands, as you are.


You speak.


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If you want to develop a more harmonious and loving relationship between yourself and your mind and body, I recommend taking VITALIZE - my 4-session exercise program that orients you to the dynamic relationship between your mind and body through yoga as exercise that vitalizes and harmonizes and empowers you, inside and out, allowing you experience and enjoy yourself as the embodiment of Life, today.

It is part of my comprehensive, mind and body, 12-session program called EMBODY YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL which encompasses mind and body empowerment, so that, alongside honoring and identifying your highest values, you may use both powers to help you realize and embody your human potential today and lead a life of health, wholeness and happiness!

Send me a message for your interests! It's my pleasure to support you!

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