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Rest & Natural Law

When you are tired, rest. Don’t battle with your mind, as this only creates more tension. The mind's nature is to connect the dots to make sense of things. When you are tired it spins scripts to make sense of the feelings you have in your body, and unpleasant feelings don’t make for the best scripts that only generate more tension than you wish to experience. So drop it.


Sometimes sleep can give you more than any rationale or battle can. You don’t need to defend yourself from your body. You get to care for both your mind and body. Battles are optional. You don’t need to start them, engage or win them, especially if you didn’t want them.


When you are tired, the neocortex (thinking brain) gives way to the mammalian (emotional) and the reptilian (survival) brain. And this is because energy is needed by the body to recover. Exhaustion is not a normal state of the body so energy automatically goes into recovery to bring you back into alignment, physically. Thinking becomes low priority where survival is concerned. The body knows what it needs to do when it has to. Let it.


Sometimes you are so tired that you feel unpleasant and that is your body telling you you need to stop so you recover and you start feeling better as you do. You start to, “feel like yourself,” again - and this is because your body has replenished its energy stores so energy now goes back to your neocortex (thinking brain) and you, "come back online."

The brain and your nervous system is designed, first and foremost, for your survival. It knows what it needs to do to keep you alive. When you are cranky it might mean you are tired or hungry or sleepy - so just listen and support yourself as you need - rest eat, sleep, eat, stop eating or dance. Once the body feels safe you will feel like yourself again, but you can never, “be yourself,” at the expense of your own survival or safety so the body will keep you in check as your vessel of experience here. You can’t ignore it just as you cannot bypass your own being.


The sun rises and sets. The waves ebb and flow. Nothing stays stagnant. Neither should you. Let yourself be… what you are. Flow. Let go.

You let go of a rubber band so it does not break, because if you over-stretch it, you won't be able to use it again. For elasticity, and integrity, know your threshold, and honor it, love it, respect it, support it. It keeps you and things in good place and space.

When you spin from a place of inspiration, beauty results & ensues… When you spin from a place of exhaustion, only more tension is created. The Apple cannot fall far from the tree. The fruit is born of the seed. What seeds are you planting? You plant how you are and you reap how you are - not just, "what." Spin from joy, spin from love, not hate.

Rest. Recover. Replenish.

Remember the love that you are and all the good you have and from this place you create your heaven.

Your body is your friend.


When you spin from the sweetness of your being, revived, it will thank you. And it creates a positive spiral of reward you cannot force but only honor as you do yourself right.

Do yourself right.

No one expects more from you when you are unable. Neither should you.

No one is telling you to kill yourself just to prove your worth. Neither should you have to.

You are worthy just as you are. You get to explore and play with that while you are here. So enjoy it.


Do only what makes you feel good. And that varies moment to moment so listen close. Some days that could be working like you have all the energy. Some days it could be dancing or being with a loved one. Sometimes it could mean reading or playing. Or hiding away on your own, yummy, recovery retreat. Some days it could mean… doing nothing and just staring into space… for a while.

You know what’s essential. Do it.

Do as you are designed, so you can let God be God and others be who they are. Be you.

Enjoy and honor what makes you human. Enjoy and honor what makes you you. This is the only thing you get to do in this life that’s authentic. There’s magick in the limits as you explore and expand into them in loving awareness and breath. Abide by the natural laws that support your being and you will feel their benevolence and blessing. You will feel your own benevolence and blessing as the life you are - so particularly and majestically you.

Be who and what you are. So you won’t feel the pinch being less or more than you think you need to be. You are… what you are not designed to be.

In this, you are free.

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